Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. It’s extremely small size and high lipid solubility, allows it to easily diuse into the subcellular compartments of the mitochondria (the engine room of a biological system’s cells) and other locations throughout the entire body.

H2 Dent Care tablets are intended for oral care. Upon contact with water, i.e. saliva in the oral cavity, the tablets release molecular hydrogen, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. H2 Dent Care tablets do not contain water and therefore do not require preservatives.

Suggested Use: Place one tablet in your mouth, CHEW for 5 to 10 seconds to a fine consistency. BRUSH with a slightly damp toothbrush as you normally would for 3 minutes then SPIT out the remaining fluids, rinse and SMILE. Repeat twice daily for the best possible results.

– Prevents the formation of tartar and deposits
– More compact and portable than toothpaste
– Recyclable packaging
– Suitable for vegans

Tablet is meant to be chewed, do not swallow whole.